PARTISprunt is an innovative platform that enables our team of young emerging designers to be guided by experts in the field. At the forefront academic research and sitting within the support infrastructure of Sprunt architects 30 years of experience in project delivery,  PARTISprunt expands the role of the traditional designer; focusing on alternative models of design, brief creation and post occupancy programming.


PARTISprunt was established to think fundamentally differently about architecture and building design. It challenges preconceived ideas of design development, and opens its process to work collaboratively with a body of global avant-garde designers. We  Develop projects that exploit the networked world we live in to engage with the latest technology, creative thinkers from around the world and local crafts people, to create a bespoke, skilled team for each specific project. We collaborate with our network of designers, artists and scientists, unconstrained by preconceptions to marry youthful optimism with solid experience.


Our ambition is to build globally significant and sustainable architecture by designing collaboratively with experts from across the arts and sciences. PARTISprunt is currently working on projects in Australia, Thailand the USA the UK.


We are different.  We are proposing an alternative to traditional practice that takes full advantage of the networked digital age, one that engages with the community it is working for and thrives on speculation and imagination.  We generate ideas that are bold and exciting, which question and challenge but which is grounded through interaction with our experienced partners.



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